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2022 ROTAX Aircraft Engines Price List - current as of 2022-11-26

Two Stroke Engines                                                          US LISTCA LIST
582 Dual CDI Oil InjectionNo Drive5785.007555.00
582 Dual CDI Oil InjectionType E8149.7010582.00

Two Stroke Gear Drives & Starters                                   US LISTCA LIST
Type E2364.703027.00
447 / 503 Mag End Starter(995927)986.671263.00
582 / 618 Mag End Starter(995928)997.891277.00

Four Stroke Engines                                                                US LISTCA LIST
912 UL c/w Slipper ClutchType 217258.0022240.00
912 ULS c/w HD starter & Slipper ClutchType 220585.0026499.00
914 UL c/w Slipper ClutchType 233737.0043333.00
912 iS c/w Airbox, Ringmount & Fuel PumpsType 223754.0030555.00
912 iS HD Tuned Exhaust System1826.732338.00
915 iS3A c/w Airbox, Ringmount & Fuel PumpsType 340353.0051802.00

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All Prices F.C.A. Vernon, BC
Due to currency fluctuations, all prices are subject to change without notice.
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