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2019 ROTAX Aircraft Engines Price List - current as of 2019-06-18

Two Stroke Engines                                                          US LISTCA LIST
582 Dual CDI Oil InjectionNo Drive5378.007357.00
582 Dual CDI Oil InjectionType B6212.008474.00
582 Dual CDI Oil InjectionType E7373.0010030.00
582 Dual CDI Oil InjectionType B - E/S6947.329459.00

Two Stroke Gear Drives & Starters                                   US LISTCA LIST
Type B834.001118.00
Type E1995.002673.00
447 / 503 Mag End Starter(995927)735.52986.00
582 / 618 Mag End Starter(995928)735.52986.00

Four Stroke Engines                                                                US LISTCA LIST
912 UL c/w Slipper ClutchType 215813.0021489.00
912 ULS c/w HD starter & Slipper ClutchType 218878.0025597.00
914 UL c/w Slipper ClutchType 230638.0041355.00
912 iS c/w Airbox, Ringmount & Fuel PumpsType 221973.0029744.00
912 iS HD Tuned Exhaust System1450.001943.00
912 iS Engine Monitoring Unit (EMU) ***4010.005373.00
915 iS3A c/w Airbox, Ringmount & Fuel PumpsType 336995.0049873.00

US LIST shown in US Dollars, All Other Prices are in Canadian Dollars
Canadian Customers: Purchasing your engine in Canada can save you money:
NO bank exchange fees, NO brokerage charges, NO importation charges and lower freight charges.

All Prices F.C.A. Vernon, BC
Due to currency fluctuations, all prices are subject to change without notice.

*** Additional EMU add-ons include Low Fuel Warning Sensor Option, Fuel Pressure Sensor Option, Start Power-up Kit Option. Ask your dealer for more info and features & benefits sheet.
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